Minecraft team sports

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Minecraft Quest

Minecraft team sports.


What is Minecraft Quest?

Minecraft Quest is a team sports within the world of Minecraft, in which a team tries to score as much points as possible.

Two team members working together

The tasks to get points are known beforehand, in the form of a bingocard posted on Discord, with task such as ‘Collect 10 apples’, ‘Kill 5 zombies’, etc.

An example bingo card

Both the world seed and the bingocard seed are known beforehand, so that the teams can practice.

Time schedule

From To What
10:00 11:00 Server open to moderators
11:00 11:15 Server open to players
11:15 11:50 Do objectives (i.e. the bingo card)
11:50 12:00 Final battle






Day Quest World en bingocard seed Server Score (N-S) Winner
11 june Easy 20220611 home.daanschenkel.nl 8-10 Sweden
18 june Easy 20220618 minecraftquest.joinjava.net 12-2 Netherlands
25 june None, due to Midsommar (an important day in Sweden) . . . .
02 july Easy 20220702 minecraftquest.joinjava.net 14-7 Netherlands
09 july Easy 20220709 minecraftquest.joinjava.net 21-4 Netherlands
16 july Easy 20220716 minecraftquest.joinjava.net 10-3 Netherlands
23 july Easy 20220723 minecraftquest.joinjava.net 15.5-4.5 Netherlands
30 july On Discord 20220730 Bedrock: images-done.at.playit.gg:24298, Java: images-done.at.playit.gg 22-5 Netherlands
06 august On Discord 20220806 Bedrock: bedrock.mcquest.nl:24298, Java: play.mcquest.nl 23-6 Netherlands
13 august On Discord 20220813 Bedrock: bedrock.mcquest.nl:24298, Java: play.mcquest.nl 11-8 Netherlands



There are 2 teams: Netherlands and Sweden

De world is devided in half:

Participant Team Minecraft username Role
Rijk NL . Teamcaptain
Joshua NL . Reserve teamcaptain
. NL . .
Egon SW . .
. SW . .
. SW . .
Daan - DannyDanDan_ Moderator Netherlands
Youri - ISYOI Moderator Netherlands/Backup Player
Christiaan - decommandpro Moderator Sweden
Richel - richelbilderbeek Referee


Minecraft Quest is run by a team of volunteers

The Minecraft Quest team


The purpose of a referee is to ensure the game is played fairly. A referee is invisible, can freely move around and cannot modify the world.


The purpose of the moderators is to make the server run smoothly and that the game can be played fairly and with as little as possible.

A moderator is invisible, can freely move around and cannot modify the world.


The purpose of the teamcaptains is to steer the team in working together.

A team captain is a regular player.


Use ‘Minecraft 1.18.2, optifine’.



What are the settings?

Why so short?

Its intentionally so you have to work with your team.

What is the maximum amount of players?


I don’t have Minecraft

Then you cannot participate

I don’t have Minecraft Java but I do have Bedrock

You can still participate! You can join the mcquest server on any bedrock platform.

Whats the age limit?

From 8 to (and including) 18 years.

I did something on the bingo card. What do I do?

The Discord bingo cards detect this automatically. If not, talk to the referee. He/she’ll take a look at your inventory and/or your surroundings.

Can I use my [resources] after I scored a point with them?

Yes! If, for example, there was an objective to collect 16 carrots, you can eat those after a referee has seen you did.

A team member and I together have collected enough [resources]. Does that count?

No, the resources must be in the same inventory.

I have a question

Join the Discord or make an issue on GitHub.

How does the server work?

We’re using multiple plugins made by Daan and Youri, you can find those in the repository.


Newest video’s at at the top.








See 2020.md for screenshots of the first MCQ